Monday, July 8, 2019

Love is truly timeless

John and Phyllis Cook were the talk of the Kingston Residence in Sylvania, Ohio, recently. They'd been dating about a year when they got their marriage license. The two lovebirds each have lost two spouses. John recently turned 100 years old. His bride will turn 103 on August 8. (Her mom lived to be 106.) Their friendship blossomed over the past few months, and since she's a devout Christian woman, she felt it was right to tie the knot.

The Cooks spend their days with each other in the assisted living facility, but they understand the importance of having their own space. "We keep both our apartments," says Phyllis. "He's upstairs and I'm down." But there is still a big spark when they spend time together. When John was asked what is their favorite thing to do together, his response was, "Well, maybe I shouldn't talk about that."

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