Saturday, July 6, 2019

A romantic rugby player

Mark Raby, 52, plays on an amateur rugby team in England. They recently got invited to a tournament in Poland, but it coincided with his 30th anniversary, so he planned to stay home and spend the time with his wife Julie. But she told him it was okay to go. He'd be returning ON their anniversary, so she'd pick him up at the airport and they'd go out for dinner or something.

But Mark knew it was an important day to Julie, so he coordinated with the airport and had 30 red roses delivered. After their plane landed, each of his teammates walked out  of the gate with a single rose...handed it to Julie....kissed her on the cheek...and walked off. Mark was the last to deplane, with the 30th rose, and she was wiping away tears even before he gave it to her.

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