Friday, May 3, 2019

Too many coincidences to be a coincidence?

Tyler Smith and Heather Brown, both 17, have been friends since fourth grade. Now they're seniors at Christ's Church Academy, where April 18 was "senior skip day." They went swimming off Vilano Beach, near St. Augustine, Florida, and were caught by a rip tide almost two miles from land. They tried, but could not swim back to shore. For two hours, they struggled to hold each other up. As their skin turned pale and they shivered uncontrollably, they began to pray.

Meanwhile, Eric Wagner and a friend were forcing his boat, the Amen, through high waves en route from Delray to New Jersey. He later wrote on Facebook, "Nearly two miles out, over wind, waves and engines, we thought we heard a desperate scream and saw an arm flail over the swells. We made a u-turn while I ran to the bow with jackets and ropes. After tossing them jackets, we pulled them up onto the swim deck. Both were shivering and his lips were white. We radioed the Coast Guard and warmed the kids with blankets. The boy told me he called out for God's help, and then we showed up. When I told them our boat is named the Amen, they started to cry. The first words out of her mouth were, 'God is real!'"

"There are too many coincidences in my opinion for this to be a coincidence," said Wagner. "I truly believe it was divine intervention."

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