Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mom and her son graduate together

It happened this month. Sharonda Wilson was set to graduate from Ferris State in Flint, Michigan. Her son, Stephan, 23, would be graduating from Central Michigan University on the same day. Which ceremony should Sharonda attend? She never hesitated. She's skip her own ceremony to attend her son's graduation.

A classmate of Stephen's, who works in the president's office at Central Michigan, saw on social media that Sharonda would skip her own graduation to be with her Stephan. He told Central Michigan's president, Bob Davies, about the situation just a few hours before Stephan was scheduled to graduate. Davies called the president of Ferris State and was given permission for his school to confer Sharonda's degree. After Stephan received his sheepskin, the president called Sharonda to the stage and awarded her degree. He even brought a graduation cap for her to wear, so she could turn the tassel.

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