Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Student may get an "A" for semester-long project

Ben Hofer of Austin, Texas, is in the 8th grade at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Last spring, one of his teachers announced a special assignment. Each student was asked to set up a semester-long project which would dig into community issues. Ben had heard that many parents can't afford to buy school lunches for their children. The children are still fed, but they rack up debt. So Ben  launched a "LunchCounts," a GoFundMe which would hopefully raise $3,200 to pay off the lunch debts at Blazier Elementary, Paredes Middle School and Atkins High, since they had the highest balances in the district.

But in just a few days, his GoFundMe page exceeded the initial goal. So far, it's worth $8,000 and Ben will use the funds to pay off almost half of all the lunch debt of the entire Austin Independent School District. Soon Ben will present the results of his project at school, and he hopes to continue paying off school lunch debt every year.

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