Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Prepare to wipe away a tear

Tinney Davidson has been waving to children in her town for over ten years. The 88-year-old Canadian woman has waved to kids of Comox, British Columbia, since she and her husband moved into their home back in 2007. Since the couple's home is near the local high school, they delighted in waving to all the teens who walked past their home to school. And the teens love to wave back.

                                                                                                                          CHEK News
Even after her husband died, Davidson continued the tradition of sitting in front of her window and waving to kids. In 2016, the youngsters even repaid her kindness by giving her dozens of gifts on Valentine's Day. So....when the community learned that "Waving Granny" would soon be moving into an assisted living home, more than 400 youngsters gathered in her front yard to say goodbye. As Davidson cried tears of joy, the kids blew her kisses, gave her hugs, and waved farewell.

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