Saturday, June 9, 2018

She prayed for this moment for 20 years, exactly

Two decades ago, Azita Milanian was jogging in Altadena, California, when one of her dogs stumbled upon what she thought was a dead animal. Instead, it was a newborn baby with its umbilical cord still attached. Just a few hours old, it had been buried alive. Azita dug up the baby, cleared dirt from its mouth and nose, and it was taken to a hospital and eventually place for adoption. But Azita never stopped thinking about the baby. "I always knew we'd get together again," she said.

The baby, now 20-year-old Matthew Whitaker, was reunited with Azita on May 18, after the mother of one of Matthew's friends shared his story with a radio station. "It was overwhelming to to know that God answered my prayers," said Azita. The two went hiking to the spot where she found him 20 years ago. "This could have been my grave," he said. Azita quickly responded, "You were wanted."

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