Friday, June 1, 2018

An example of true sportsmanship

Christy Lee Rowden of Oologah, Oklahoma, took her two kids, Asher and Mercy, to the park recently to play. It was early and nobody else was there, so the two children played alone. Then a group of 5th grade boys from Oologah Upper Elementary showed up and started playing basketball. Rowden says that since she adopted 7-year-old Asher from Uganda, he's been shy around other kids. He quietly stepped back to watch the boys play, and then something happened that made Christy cry.

The older boys approached little Asher, introduced themselves, and invited him to play with them. "They were so kind," says his mom. "They included him by letting him catch and throw the ball and they cheered him on and high-fived him. It brought tears to my eyes, especially being the mom of a black boy in a mostly white community."

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