Sunday, June 24, 2018

Animal stuffed with love

Last fall, four-year-old Will Ketcher of Brooklyn, New York, was driving with his parents through Rhode Island. He was hanging his favorite stuffed animal out the window and dropped it. Because they were on the interstate, it was not possible to go back and pick it up. Will was devastated! So his parents told hime to write a letter to highway patrol when they got home. His letter said the stuffed animal's name was Roger. He was a cheetah, and Will loved him. He even drew a picture of Roger so the police would recognize him. It was not an easy letter to write (or print).

A Rhode Island cop named Lawens Fevrier got the letter and realized how sad his own son would be if that happened to him. So he sent someone out to look for Roger on the side of the highway, but it was never found. Will's parents never expected to hear from the police again, but several months later Will got a letter from the highway patrol saying they were sorry they could not find Roger, but they did find another cheetah who needed a home. Along with the letter was a brand new stuffed animal that Will named Rhody. This is the kind of police "incident" that deserves more publicity.

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