Sunday, December 11, 2016

Son's viral tweets make mom's day

Figan Hett of Manchester, England, sews and knits for therapeutic reasons. She's a counselor, and believes creativity is good for the soul. She often gives her clients this advice. Last November 26, she rented a table at a craft fair and displayed her best knitting. Hours went by, and nobody bought anything. When her son, Martyn Hett, 28, texted his mom to see how she was doing, she told him in was a "wasted day" and she was disappointed.

That's when Martyn took action. He tweeted out his mum's reply, and mentioned that she has a Depop page, which is similar to Etsy, where people buy and sell homemade goods. One of his friends immediately used the page to buy a knitted glove creature. A few more friends also bought goods, and then "the knit hit the fan."  Demand for her knitting grew so fast that she had to buy more materials to meet the demand from customers in the UK and USA. Some customers ask her to knit specific hearts to honor relatives who have passed away. She's decided to donate her earnings to a local charity, Beacon Counseling. But like a good mum, she kept a few pounds back to buy a book about Twitter, so she can learn how it works.

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