Friday, August 26, 2016

Hoosier Starbucks manager saves customers lives

Last Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., an unexpected tornado touched down in Kokomo, Indiana. Hanna Harris of Muncie (below left) was a customer at the Markland Mall coffee shop and reported on Facebook that "the shift manager came out and told us there was a tornado that had touched down and it was headed this way and we all needed to take shelter in the bathrooms." About 20 customers and staff walked calmly into the bathrooms and stood quietly for several minutes. No one knew how close the tornado was, but cell phones were sounding "take cover" alerts. Then the tornado hit. The vibration and shaking caused everyone to drop to their knees as the entire coffee shop collapsed -- except the two bathrooms, Because of the rubble, everyone was trapped, but safe. Harris added, "If it was not for the manager being aware of the situation, I would not be here writing this post!!!"

                                                   Hanna, Angel, and a another customer.  

She adds that a patron from a nearby Chili's saw Starbucks implode and rushed over with friends, climbed over the rubble, and pried open the bathroom doors, setting the survivors free. Gov. Mike Pence, who visited Kokomo the next day,  called it a miracle that nobody in town was killed or seriously hurt by the tornado. He might be right. The Starbucks manager's first name is Angel.

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