Saturday, August 20, 2016

Boy mows lawns to pay for school supplies

Tyran Bell of Wilmington, North Carolina, is ten years old. He started 5th grade this month, but realized his mom, Tara Lewis, couldn't afford to buy him supplies and new clothes for school. She has missed some work while she takes care of his uncle, so Tyran decided to earn money mowing lawns to pay for his own school supplies, and supplies for his 14-year-old brother. Tara helped her son advertise his service in a neighborhood Facebook group. That's where Theresa Babb saw it.

"We have 100-degree days with really high humidity and he's 10 years old, out there mowing grass," she said. She copied his link and sent it to every radio station and newspaper. She volunteered her office space to collect school supplies, clothing and lawn equipment for Tyran. Supplied poured in, and Tyran decided any extra supplies would go to other needy children. But he wants to continue his lawn mowing, because he enjoys it so much.

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