Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daughter gives step-dad best gift of all

Turning 18 usually means more independence from parents, but not for Lauren Hernandez. Her Mom, Sally Hernandez, has been dating the same man, Joe Iosco, since Lauren was one year old. Lauren remembers, "He did things for me and he took me places. I was only with my biological father every other weekend, but I was with Joe almost every day.

                                                                                                                                    ABC News
Iosco admits his bond with Lauren is close. "As the years went by, I not only fell in love with Sally, but I fell in love with Lauren as well," he said. But he was not prepared for what happened at her high school graduation party. First she presented him with a gift, a framed poem that is so heartfelt that it made him cry. Then Iosco discovered an envelope, and inside were adoption papers. "I'm asking Joe to adopt me," Lauren told her family and friends on a video that went viral. The video shows Iosco, overwhelmed with joy. Between tears, he manages to get out a "yes," and guests began cheering. "In the end, she chose me," he told ABC News, "and there's no better gift than that."

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