Sunday, August 28, 2016

A double-crumb from a reader in Redlands, CA

FIRST CRUMB: Two young cousins, age 12 and 16, were walking down Brockton Avenue in Redlands, CA, a few days ago when a man approached them. He claimed to have a gun, and made off with the 12-year-old's black Haro BMX-style bicycle with tan walls on the tires. "Obviously it was a sad and frustrating situation t see a 12-year-old boy prayed upon by an adult, and his bike stolen," said Redlands Police spokesman Carl Baker. Officers wanted to right the wrong, and Walmart donates new bikes to the police department for use in bike rodeos. Police surprised the young Redlands boy with one of their donated bicycles, while asking the public for help finding the suspect, described as a Latino in his 20s with a bald head, goatee and tattoos on his neck.

                                                                                                                        Courtesy Photo
SECOND CRUMB: Several days later, Redlands police patrolling the area near Brockton Avenue spotted a 29-year-old man riding the victim's bike. The man admitted he took the boy's bike, and was arrested on suspicion of robbery. The boy was reunited with the bike he lost, and now he had not just one bike, but two. Instead of keeping his replacement bike, he donated it to another child in need.

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