Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Middle schoolers need privacy!

Lauren Nelson, 11, lives in Attica, New York. She used her pandemic down time this spring to convert a rundown camper into a tiny home where she and her friends can hang out in private. She had saved $400 after selling items at a garage sale and adding funds she would have used to go to 4-H camp. She bought the mouse-ridden old trailer from a neighbor, and began to renovate it.

According to her mom, the camper came with "a family of mice" and had to be deep cleaned before she could remodel it. Inspired by HGTV's Tiny House Hunters, she added some home decor. The camper now includes a working kitchen, and cabinets with several pops of color, plus flowers, pillows, and patterned sheets on the bunk beds. There's also a small sign that says, "Lauren's Lil Camper." And it's great for sleep-overs.

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