Monday, May 18, 2020

A crumb from Yorkshire, England

Since the pandemic forced their families into isolation, Arlo Devenport, 3, and his sister Arabella, 2, have missed seeing their pal Leo Arlington, who lives next door to their home in Yorkshire, England. In order to re-unite the kids while still respecting social distancing, the sibling's mom, Amy Vickers, decided to cut a hole in their shared backyard fence and install a window.

"We measured the fence and ordered a perspex panel on eBay. Then we cut the fence with a circular saw and drilled some holes in each corner so we could hold the perspex in place with screws," says Amy, adding that "we also bought wipe board markers so they can draw pictures together. The kids are at the window all day when when we're home, so I guess they love it."

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