Saturday, December 14, 2019

Scrawny tree lit by 590 feet of extension cord

For the last 20 years, Ed McHugh has connected almost 600 feet of extension cords from his home in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, so he can illuminate a little tree on a hill overlooking Highway 102. It's nowhere near his home, so as you drive the highway, you may ask, "how did that get there?"

McHugh was inspired to decorate the tree because it resembled the scrawny tree from The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. He felt sure it just needed a little love, so he bought a lot of extension cords. He says, "Some people talk about it being a little beacon as they drive home in the evening from work." Over the years, the tree-lighting has become a loved community tradition, as hundred of friends gather around the "Charlie Tree" to sing carols. The youngest in the audience plugs in the lights. After the tree is lit, everyone is invited back to McHugh's home for a Christmas party.

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