Monday, September 16, 2019

Maid of honor for Bridezilla?

Christina Meador, 38, was the maid of honor at her sister's recent wedding in Nebraska. Meador admits she just isn't a "dress" person, and hesitated to be maid of honor until told she could wear whatever she wanted. Since everyone would look at her anyway, she decided to have some fun. Without meaning to suggest that marriage should be extinct, and with the bride and groom's permission, she dressed as T-rex.

As you can see, other members of the bridal party word Converse sneakers and flip-flops. Meador bought the dinosaur outfit from Amazon for $65, and unlike a bride's maid dress, it did not require any alterations, but she wore a simple gray dress from Goodwill underneath, and removed the T-rex costume at the reception. She was afraid that if she danced in it, she'd hit someone with her tail. Meador said of her family, "We're not all about spending a lot of money on stuff."

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