Friday, August 23, 2019

School superintendent gets bonus, and....

College tutition isn't cheap, and there's also a fee for merely applying to a college. Mom and dad cough up $43 on average each time junior submits a college application. You know. It's for "processing" and all that. Even if junior is not accepted, the college still gets its nickel. Grant Rivera is superintendent of schools in Marietta, Georgia. His district has about 500 seniors graduating next spring, and he expects about 200 of them to apply to college.

So when he recently received a $10,000 bonus, he decided not to keep it. Instead, he's donating all of it to pay for his students' college applications. If all 500 seniors decide to apply, he'll pay for their applications too. But what if he has money left over? He'll use it to fund field trips to in-state colleges.

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