Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Admitted to Harvard, against all odds.

Hunter Mollett, 18, lives in Mississippi. When he was in first grade, he saw an episode of Boston Legal on TV and asked his mom how to become a lawyer. She said he should go to Harvard. So he made that his goal. Over the years, he lived with his parents in a trailer with no power or water, or in seedy motel rooms. Despite his instability, he was one of the smartest students at the school, and the best trumpet player in the band. When he reached middle school and teachers learned of his needs, they pitched in to help. After Hunter's parents kicked him out the house, high school band director Mark Edwards took him in. "I didn't even ask my wife," he remembers.

                                                                                             Courtesy Sharon Prater
Mollett took his ACTs during his senior year and applied to Mississippi State and Harvard, convinced "the worst they can say is no." Mississippi offered him a full ride. Then he got an email about financial aid at Harvard. It came even before Harvard's acceptance email. "I was amazed I got in," he said. How does he feel about his parents? "Everyone veers off the right path once in a while. I really do love my parents. They are doing really good. They got a one-bedroom trailer and my dad is working."

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