Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ben Moser keeps his promise

Ben Moser first noticed Mary Lapkowicz in second grade. She has Down syndrome, but that made no difference to him. He liked her anyway. Mary's brother Tom remembers, "A lot of grade school kids might have stayed away from Mary or thought she was weird, but not Ben." His fourth grade teacher said, "Ben was always the energetic kid in class who looked out for Mary and made sure she was included in all activities." They were in the same class for second, third and fourth grade, and fourth grade is when Ben made a promise. When they were old enough, he'd take her to the prom.

Now fast-forward seven busy years. They aren't in the same class anymore. Not even in the same high school. Ben's a junior now, and a star quarterback on his school's football team. One night he played a team from Mary's school. He saw her in the stands, and remembered his promise,  and invited her to their junior prom. When the day arrived, they both got all dressed up and went to the prom at Mary's Central Dauphin High School. Guess who came to see them off? Their fourth grade teacher, who says she has felt "truly blessed" to watch Ben and Mary over the years. Mary's brother added, "Ben has put a smile on Mary's face, and restored my faith in humanity."

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