Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What does a spider brides wear? A webbing dress.

Callaghan McLaughlin is only six, and he was looking forward to starting his own lemonade stand, but since the pandemic put his world into quarantine, he had to improvise. Rather than stay indoors, he decided to spread joy in his community by setting up a "drive-by joke stand," so he could make his neighbors laugh while respecting social distancing guidelines.

His mother says Callaghan has been using one-liners from a kid's joke book she bought him six months ago. He sets up shop every morning at the end of his driveway in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, and stays at least an hour before a long lunch break. He returns in the afternoon for another shift. He says he's offering jokes for free because he wants people to save their money for more important things, like groceries. So, are you ready? What kind of books do cows read? Cattle-logs.

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