Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Great news from "a good town"

Bremen, Indiana, is so little it has one traffic light, one supermarket, and a one-screen theatre. Residents don't like to brag. Signs on the outskirts modestly say, "Welcome to Bremen, a Good Town." But sometimes modesty is the secret of genius. A business called NISCO in the industrial park makes sound-dampening products for car doors. But in less than one week, NISCO re-engineered its five multi-functional lasers to produce polyethylene isolation gowns for first responders.

Gowns are now made and donated to first responders each day. NISCO has already produced enough for every fire department in Marshall County. "This is tremendous," said Scott Ford, Associate Vice President for Economic Development at the University of Notre Dame. "This example offers a ray of hope in these trying times."

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