Wednesday, April 22, 2020

He's shopped here for almost 50 years.

A few days ago, a bakery customer bought a single custard donut for $1,000, and the staff at Tremont Goodie Shop, in Arlington, Ohio, was left speechless and in tears. The customer had been a customer at the family-owned bakery for almost 50 years, and wanted to help support the store.

The bakery is doing less than a third of its normal business because of the pandemic. The customer wanted to support the shop. According to manager, Emilie Smith, "He called and asked us if he would be able to give $1,000 for his donut. I got choked up. He asked again because there was silence on the line. I choked out, 'yes, of course it would be okay. I never expected that." On Facebook, the bakery explained what a blessing the money is for helping them during the pandemic.

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