Friday, November 22, 2019

Imagine a foster grandchild

Lamont Thomas lives in Buffalo, New York, where he's been fostering children for almost 20 years. Up until now, he's welcomed more than thirty boys and girls into his home, but on October 17, he may have finally set a record, when he legally adopted Zendaya, 5, Jamel, 4, Nakia, 3, Major, 2, and Michaela, 1, all at once.

These siblings had been separated for more than a year and a half and had lived in four different homes in four different cities...before Thomas swooped in two years ago and took them in as foster children. He adopted them because he wants them to grow up as a family, and here's the best part. He first learned of the siblings plight because their father was one of many Thomas had fostered years ago.

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