Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A whole new meaning for "customer service"

Due to a scheduling mix-up. just one employee, named Ben, was left alone to run an entire Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama, one night recently. About 30 hungry customers wanted food at midnight, including Ethan Crispo, 24. Since only Ben was available to take orders, cook food, bus tables and manage the cash register, Crispo never expected to get served. Until something special happened.

Ben was on the brink of panic when a male customer the counter spoke to him. After a brief conversation, Ben handed him an apron and he got to work washing dishes. A few minutes later, a woman in high heels and a sequined dress strode briskly behind the counter to brew more coffee. Then she took a few orders before bussing tables.Then a third customer in a red shirt marched over to help. According to Crispo, the term "customer service" took on a whole new meaning that night. He called it "humanity at its finest.

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