Saturday, November 30, 2019

How two sisters celebrate Thanksgiving

Back in 2017, Lisa Fischer of Charlotte, North Carolina, wanted her children to understand Thanksgiving, so she suggested they prepare a a box of food for a family in need. But daughter Alex felt it wasn't enough, and she suggested 10 boxes. Mom explained that the family would need financial help to donate ten boxes, so Alex and her sister Caroline (now 9 and 6) opened a lemonade stand with baked goods. Then the family set up a GoFundMe page and raised enough to buy 100 boxes of food.

                                                                                                                Photos by Lisa Fischer
It went so well that the sisters decided to make it a tradition. Last year they raised enough money to give away 130 boxes of food and 50 turkeys. This year they surpassed their expectations and raised $4,640. It was enough to provide the Charlotte Rescue Mission with 200 Thanksgiving food boxes and 613 turkeys. "We were hoping to recruit some help from neighbors to pack boxes this year, rent a truck and deliver the food by November 23," said their mom.

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