Thursday, June 6, 2019

Our first crumb from Ellettsville, Indiana

Megan Humphreys-Savell graduated from Bloomfield High School and has been taking classes at Ivy Tech Community College since 2017. In junior high, she was separated from her family and placed in foster care. She lived with two different families before her best friend's mom adopted her. When she got to high school, art teacher and painter Wyatt LeGrand inspired her to develop her hobby as an artist into something more. By her senior year, she was LeGrand's cadet teacher. She now works as a teacher's aide at University Elementary School in Bloomington and also at Taco Bell in Ellettsville.

Recently she was told she'd be in a training video. She stood behind the counter and took the order of a man pretending to be a customer. She then asked him if he wanted to "round his bill up to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to the Taco Bell Foundation scholarship fund. He agreed, but then changed his mind, asking, "Can I actually round that up to $25,000? Because that's actually how much we're awarding you today from the Taco Bell Foundation." Humphreys'Savell plans to use the award to pay tuition at Indiana University. She'll study art education, and plans to become an art teacher. She was one of only six Taco Bell employees in the United States to receive an award of that amount.

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