Thursday, June 27, 2019

A crumb from a reader in North Carolina, USA

Hanna Green was making her way to the 8th tee recently at the KPMG Women's PGA Championship in Chaska, Minnesota, when a little girl handed her a piece of blue paper. Lily Kostner, 7, from Minneapolis, told Green she would win, as she stretched the paper across the gallery ropes. It was a poem Lily wrote in gratitude for kindness Green showed her at the Dinah Shore Championship last April, where Green gave Lily a signed golf ball.

Lily was so grateful that she wrote a poem for Green, and read it to her first grade class at Kenny Elementary before saving it to give to Green. With a backup on the 8th tee, Green stopped and unfolded the paper and read the poem. Then she bent down to give Lily a hug. Green went on to win the championship! "I had that poem in the back of my yardage book" she said, because I didn't want it to get rained on. A couple of times on the back nine when I was feeling nervous, I actually read it to myself. I think it really helped me."

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