Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bet this is what you'd have done

On June 10, Ryan Warren and Chantal Leroux won a 50-second shopping spree at Bragg Creek Foods, a locally-owned grocery store in a community south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The prize gave them a little less than one minute to grab all they can from the shelves. Whatever they grab, they keep. Leroux immediately imaging lots of things for her own cupboard, but a few seconds later an idea came to her. "What a great opportunity to give!"

The couple decided to contact the Food Bank to see what was most needed. Then they walked through the story to figure out a plan. "We knew we had to go non-perishable," said Warren, "so we could X the meat aisle off our list." Just before 8 a.m., Warren started racing around the store. His first stop was baby food and diapers. After a frantic 50 seconds, he managed to snag $593.58 worth of grocery items -- all for the Food Bank.

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