Thursday, April 25, 2019

Police drive man to job interview

Ka'Shawn Baldwin, 22, of East St. Louis, Missouri, was pulled over recently in the town of Cahokia by officer Roger Gemoules. His license plates were expired, and his driver's license was no valid. Baldwin knew his driver's license had expired, but did not know the plates on the car he borrowed from a friend had expired. He told the officer he was only driving illegally to get to a job interview at FedEx.

With no other option, Baldwin asked officer Gemoules if he would drive him to the interview, and the officer agreed! First, he followed Baldwin home where he left his car, and then he drove him to FedEx. He said he could tell Baldwin, who works at McDonalds, really wanted the job. A few days later, when Baldwin learned he had been hired as a FedEx package handler, he messaged the officer on Facebook to let him know, and thank him.

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