Thursday, April 18, 2019

80 years old, and loved more than ever

Haze Mabry, who just turned 80, has been the janitor at Pike County Elementary School in Zebulon, Georgia, for 13 years. Three of his own kids graduated from that school years ago, but he still feels like every single student in the school is "like children of my own." As a result, he is known as the "most loved person" in the building, and last month when he came to work, he was greeted by about 750 students and staff, all singing to him.

                                                                      Rachel McDaniel, Pike County Journal-Reporter
They began handing him cards; singing happy birthday; and holding up banners for his special day. He received so many card that he had to ask a few students to follow behind him and collect them into buckets. He was overwhelmed, but hugged every youngster who reached out to him, and apparently has taken time to read each card and offer his sincerest thanks to the students.

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