Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Every baby needs a Mom

Kelly Lively, 56, always wanted to be a mom but could not have kids on her own. She's a nurse in Kokomo, Indiana, and a few years ago she heard about a boy named Marcus. He was born at 25 weeks, addicted to heroin. He weighed one pound and his mom abandoned him at the hospital. He was not expect to live past his second birthday. When Kelly first met Marcus in 2017, he was 18 months old and could barely lift his head. She said his eyes were "lifeless." But when she kissed him and asked if she could be his mom, he grinned. She adopted him in 2018.

Kelly says Marcus is not aware that he has any disabilities, and she places no limits on him. He was unable to speak until she taught him sign language. Eventually he learned to sign "yes" and "no," and whenever she she asked to touch him, he usually said "no" since he did not like to be touched. But after 10 months, he changed his mind and fell asleep in her lap. Today he's off the ventilator and can walk. Doctors never thought he would do either. They're amazed, and have told Kelly, "whatever you're doing for Marcus, keep on doing it." Caring for Marcus is not easy, but love makes it possible.

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