Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Why shed tears over shredded money?

Ben and Jackie Belnap of Holladay, Utah,  often shred old papers, and their 2-year-old son Leo loves to help. So when he saw an envelope on the kitchen counter recently, he decided to help by shredding it. Ben's parents had loaned the couple enough money to buy season tickets to University of Utah football games, and Ben and Jackie were saving to pay back the loan. The envelope contained their savings -- $1,060 in cash. Here's what it looked like.

They first shed some tears over their savings, until Jackee said it would make a wonderful story to tell at their son's wedding party. Best of all, the good-natured parents didn't loose their money. Ben called the Department of the Treasury and learned they will reimburse people for mutilated currency, provided the pieces of bills can be returned. He was told to put the money into a plastic bag and mail it to the department, in order to receive a full redemption.

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