Wednesday, October 3, 2018

When a hurricane is named after you...

Florence Wisniewsky, 5, lives in Chicago, Illinois. She usually goes by the name of Flo, and when she hears her full name, she assumes she's in trouble. Last month she heard it often as Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas. Her mom explained why her name was on TV, and showed her pictures of a family staying in a shelter. They had a baby, and Flo wanted to help.

Her dad made her a sign that said, "Help Flo Help Hurricane Florence Victims" and she went door to door with a red wagon, asking neighbors to donate. Her story went viral, and people sent supplies from all over the nation. She had a mountain of supplies, and even put off her birthday party to keep gathering stuff. Her parents found a charity that was taking truckloads of supplies to the Carolinas, and they agreed to take Flo's stuff too.

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