Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Students danced, cheered and screamed

Avery Huddleston lives in Illinois. He's only seven, but he was heartbroken when he saw the damage Hurricane Irma caused in Puerto Rico. So instead of asking gifts for himself this year, the first grader asked for school supplies to be donated to Puerto Rican schools, and his classmates agreed. The box of supplies was mailed, and they were distributed by Ameren electrical workers to boys and girls at La Escuela Rafael de Jesus elementary school in Rio Grande. Then something special happened.

The school has been without electricity since the hurricane, but as he was handing out Avery's gifts, one worker notice that a few lights did work. He investigated and was soon able to repair a transformer which turned on ALL the lights in the school. That's when students danced, cheered and screamed in delight. Ameren worker Mike Beardsley said, "If it wasn't for one kind gesture by Avery, they'd still be sitting in the dark at this school."

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