Saturday, March 10, 2018

"Dog tweeters" save the day

In 2014, Kelli Brown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, went to the Humane Society and adopted eight-year-old Jaxon. From day one, Jaxon only wanted one toy, a little plush alligator with big cute eyes, sold only at PetSmart. He'd never play with any other toy. In the years since, Brown has returned to PetSmart twice a year to buy Jaxon a replacement "greenie." But last January the store told her they were discontinued. Brown searched online, but found nothing. "It was like they disappeared," she said. So she put out a desperate tweet.

Dog tweeters retweeted her tweet until Kendyl Kercho saw it. She's a 21-year-old college student who works at PetSmart in Fort Worth, Texas. There were no "greenies" available on her store's racks, so she dug through a clearance bin of marked-down merchandise and found eight. She shipped free. Jaxon was thrilled and took one "greenie" from the box immediately. Brown has hidden the rest for safe keeping.

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