Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A truly white wedding

St. Cuthbert's church is at Benfieldside near Shotley Bridge in Corset, which is only 14 miles from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in County Durham, England. The church planned to host a wedding on February 28, the exact tenth anniversary of the day the bride and groom first met when they were 15 years old.. A very heavy snowfall threatened to "scupper" the couple's plans until the church went on social media appealing for help. Result? Rebecca McKenzie and Daniel Hodgson of Leadgate tied the knot as planned.

But not without some help from their wedding guests. Rev. Martin Jackson, who led the service, said, "It's been a great relief, but it's really been a terrific experience because people have turned out in droves with their shovels." Thirty guests cleared paths while another used a snow plow on his Land Rover to clear Church Bank, the street in front of the church. "At one point, Church Bank was the clearest route in Corset," said the pastor. "To see people pull together so well is brilliant."

The church was chilly because the heating didn't work, "but the congregation had a wonderful warmth," he said.

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