Monday, August 28, 2017

This never made the evening news

Ramadan Jamjourn, 35, is a Palestinian bus driver. Recently he was driving the 422 line from Jerusalem to the Orthodox city of Brei Brak when something amazing happened. He saw a Jewish man exit the bus while talking on his cell phone. As he stepped off the bus, the man dropped a wad of American cash -- $10,000.  The driver called to him, but the man was distracted by the phone and did not hear him.

The driver picked up the wad of cash. He informed the bus company and turned it in. The bus company gave it to the police, who posted an ad in the Lost and Found section of the local paper. The owner was able to call the police station and provide enough details to pick up the money.  Jamjourn said the cash did not tempt him. "It is my duty morally and religiously, and to my God and my work, to return the money," he explained.

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