Sunday, August 20, 2017

Facebook saves woman stuck in pool

It happened August 11 in Epping, New Hampshire. Leslie Kahn, 61, is a teacher who spends her summers quilting and swimming. But this day, when she grabbed the ladder to lift herself out of the pool, the ladder broke. "Without something for my feet to get leverage on, and without upper body strength, it wasn't happening," she said. Her cell phone was inside her house. There were no neighbors within earshot, so she waited in the pool three hours. Then she got an idea.

Her iPad was on a chair beside the pool. "I got the trusty pool pole, caught the leg of the chair and dragged it over." She got the iPad hooked up to WiFi and logged on to "Epping Squawks," a town Facebook page where something is always going on. She started her post with 911 to get more attention, and asked her Facebook community for help. Soon a woman from two streets away showed up. Then the police came. Kahn then let her virtual friends know that help had arrived.

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