Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Kroger employees and shoppers are angels

Home care nurse Lisa Jackson was shopping at a Kroger in Rome, Georgia, recently when she exchanged glances with an elderly man shopping in a motorized cart. He smiled and she smiled back, but from experience, she saw behind his smile a call for help. So she returned and asked if he needed anything. His name was Elmer, and tears welled up in the old man's eyes as he said, "I have had a really bad accident and if I get out this cart, everyone will know. What should I do?" He was concerned that he get home to his sick wife as soon as possible.

Jackson said the loss of dignity in Elmer's eyes left a lump in her throat. At her request, Kroger staff soon came over with wipes and undergarments. They took Elmer to the employee's rest room  where he was given new clothes. When he returned, what he saw made him cry. He arrived at the register to find his groceries bagged and paid for. A Kroger employee walked out with him and helped load them into his car. Elmer later told Jackson he'd fought in both Korea and Vietnam, but thought his country had forgotten him -- until this day." Jackson knows "faith" and "humanity" describe many heartwarming stories, but she hopes we'll remember they are more than words. They are traits to have as we travel through life.

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