Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Paramedics pause to do the right thing

Paramedic Kent Haney and EMT Matt Linda of the East Texas Medical Center in Waco were driving down a street recently when they noticed a senior citizen mowing her lawn despite debilitating heat. Knowing what they had to do, they parked the ambulance in front of her house. She was Margaret Durham, and even though she is 98, she mows her lawn regularly. After chatting with her, Haney and Linda finished mowing the lawn for her.

Durham's neighbor, Dashlin James, who took this picture, saw the ambulance in front of her house and became concerned for her health. He kept an eye on the scene until he saw the paramedics mowing her lawn. "Definitely and act of kindness," he said. "When they're not saving lives, they're out helping the community."

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