Monday, October 24, 2016

"She was afraid she was going to get arrested."

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Sheriff's office is not far from a homeless shelter, so officers often see homeless people wandering around. But usually they are wearing shoes. On October 5, Deputy Brandon Hendrix noticed a homeless woman outside the station who was barefoot, so he approached her. "What was so funny about it was that, when he approached her, she was really afraid she was going to get arrested," said Casey Roebuck, director of public information for the Sheriff's office. But Hendrix never intended the arrest the woman.

                                                                               Tulsa County Sheriff's Office
Instead, he grabbed a fellow officer (protocol whenever a male officer has a female in his car) and drove her to Walmart. There he let her pick out a pair of shoes that matched her dress, and at check-out he paid for them. The fellow officer was so touched by this kindness that he snapped the photo above, which was posted on Facebook and went viral. Dep. Hendrix was reluctant to have his name mentioned in the Facebook post. "He didn't do this for recognition or publicity," said Roebuck. "He really just wanted to help."

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