Monday, January 12, 2015

Rules for living

Last year I survived a potentially fatal illness. Upon hearing I was in the ICU, one daughter asked her Mom, "does he want to live?" Frankly, I wasn't sure. After 70 fulfilling years, I felt less needed. Weak and helpless, I had no choices left to make. Perhaps it was time to go? Late that night, I was wakened by a light so brilliant it made the ICU appear beautiful. Before it faded, I heard these words, "I am here now, and I know you." To me, it was our Father's voice, promising me I was not alone and still needed by Him. Then began a recovery my doctor later described as "almost a miracle." Since returning home, my daughter's question, "does he want to live?" inspired me to embrace seven rules for living. Here they are:

1) to feed myself each day with prayer, spiritual reading and contemplation
2) to live from the place in me where God is Love, and see others through His eyes
3) to be thankful God's love is never complete 'til it comforts the hearts that fail
4) to remember God is always waiting for my ego to get out of His way
5) to be glad that even sorrow can shake the soul, and let the glory out
6) to recognize life takes courage, and we make life-or-death decisions every day
7) to always choose life

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have chosen life, as the Bible instructs. Our world is a better place with all the "crumbs" you are leaving. The rules in this post are certainly health- and life-giving.