Wednesday, September 23, 2020

East Nashville Kroger's has a "spiritual mother"

LaShenda Williams, 46, had been homeless on and off in Nashville, Tennessee, for years. She'd been addicted to drugs, and has a learning disability which makes reading and writing difficult. Last year she spent nights sleeping in her car in the parking lot of the Nashville East Kroger store, until they advertised a hiring fair. She visited the store each day to greet staff and buy a few items, so she asked the manager, "Maybe I would work here one day. You got room for me?"

 The manager said she'd help Williams fill out an application online. When the prompt appeared that she had successfully applied, the manager gave her the good news, "You're hired." Williams said, "I couldn't believe it. I hugged her and cried. It was overwhelming. Somebody gave me a chance." She calls herself Kroger's spiritual mother, since she loves and tries to uplift everyone she meets. A few months later, a customer helped her find an apartment, and co-workers and customers collected household items for her. Today, if you want to feel loved, use the East Nashville Kroger automatic check out lane, where she'll assist you gladly.

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