Friday, September 4, 2020

A crumb of comfort from Moscow

Do any of your friends spend $700/month for dog food? That's what Anastasia Pomorina does. She lives in a two-room apartment in a high rise in Moscow, Russia, which she shares with more than a dozen homeless dogs. "I never know how many dogs I have," she says. "Does it really matter?

                                                                                              Washington Post
Some neighbors complain about her canines, but others shyly put money into her hand to assist with the dogs. Veterinary inspectors come every now and then to verify her dogs are well cared for. She is part of a small network of six Moscow women called Fluffy Help. There is a great need to care for homeless dogs. Anastasia cannot take a day off. On the bright side, during pandemic lock-down from the end of March to early June, all outdoor exercise in Moscow was banned -- except walking dogs.

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