Friday, June 26, 2020

Bill does not care about birds at all

Bill Larkin was a young man in the 1960s. Today he lives alone in a geodesic dome near Loogotee, Indiana. Outside the dome, he yard is filled with thousands of brightly painted birdhouses and stones.  Why? For years before retiring, he was locked in a room with no window writing computer programs. " I don't care about birds," he said. I just wanted to see color.

When drought killed the colorful flowers he planted, he switched to painting rocks, and birdhouses which he builds and gives away. A sign by his driveway encourages visitors to laugh and have fun. The attraction is free, and Bill won't accept any tips, but he gives every visitor a free Bill-painted birdhouse to take home. " In 2019, he gave away almost 5,000 colorful homemade birdhouses, which he builds inside his dome-home.

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