Thursday, May 7, 2020

Steinway to the rescue!

Ke Gong (center in photo below) is a doctoral student in piano performance at the University of Maryland. After the campus closed, she wondered how she could continue her studies from her apartment in nearby Greenbelt. But in recent weeks she and six other U. Maryland piano students each received an upright Steinway piano so they can continue practicing.

Her music school has a surplus of more than 100 Steinways, and hired Lewis Piano Movers to deliver them to graduate and undergrad students across the region in a few hours. Gong checked with roommates and neighbors to see if they'd mind her practicing four hours a day, and nobody complained, so she was thrilled to receive a piano. Her family is in China, so the piano helps her feel less lonely and provides a means of escape. "I can express my feelings and my inner world by playing the piano," she said. Movers placed it in her bedroom, but she does not mind. "It gives me peace of mind in this difficult time to see it first each morning."

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