Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Down by the OLD mill stream...

The Sturminster Newton Mill is more than 1,000 years old! For years it's been a museum, grinding out tiny souvenir bags of flour for visitors. But flour is now in short supply in the small agricultural town of Sturminster Newton, in Dorset, England, so millers Imogen Bittner and Pete Loosmore have re-started the old mill, which recently (since 1904) has been powered by a water turbine.

A stock of good-quality milling wheat was on hand, and the means to grind it into flour, so the millers got busy. In the past month, operating full-time, the mill has ground more than a ton of grain and bagged several hundred sacks of flour. Three-pound bags are sold at cost to a local grocer and baker, and all profits benefit the mill's upkeep. The millers have been asked to sell flour online in larger quantities, but cannot, because they are not a commercial business.

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