Friday, March 13, 2020

His students will never forget him

Glen Paul Davis was a bus driver for the Grand Meadow, Minnesota, school system for 55 years. He drove multiple generations of some families, all of whom called him "Glennie." He often bragged that he never had an accident, and joked that he wanted to be buried in a school bus. To his surprise, his friend Jim Hindt actually commissioned his niece to paint a casket like a school bus. Davis was very touched by the gesture, and would often bring people to Hindt Funeral Home to show off its colorful design.

The casket drew its biggest crowd of admirers when dozens of students, staffers and other friends showed up for Davis' funeral at St. Finbarr's Catholic Church after he passed away recently at 88. His online obituary sparked an outpouring of messages and support. Even a neighboring school district send him a message that read, "May your final stop be peaceful. Your students will not forget you."

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